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No Dealing Desk Broker (NDD)

Execustion of Orders by our clients are linked with No Dealing Desk intervention which gives good pricing, fast executions and better depth of liquidity.

“ In addition,Unit Markets put attention to network in behind-the-scenes technology to considerably lesser latency. From great platform and fast trade operations to lower spreads and easy leverage in all products. Client can trust on Unit Markets for trading opportunity at at any time. ”


Unit Markets is working with many advanced liquidity providers for cutting down risks of slippage. Slippage risk can be minimized working with Unit Markets. Slippage occurs on stops and limits in fast volatile moves, but if liquidity providers are best, this risk goes at safer level. Unit Markets emphasizes to recover all the shortcomings and trading negativities in trading which clients faces.

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No Dealing Desk Broker (NDD)


When Client does not get the price at which he is requesting due to highly fluctuations and fast movement. It is easier to protect yourself from requotes by choosing a trustworthy platform which helps trade reach to server more quicker and reduces the need for requotes.

Trades should be executed on price which client is willing to buy or sell. Requotes can give you loss if you don’t get your suitable prices especially in fast volatile markets. Unit Markets work is commendable to control the risks of requotes and server problems.

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